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More Than Manners is dedicated to empowering our clients through modern manners, professional and dining etiquette programs. Our clients reach their highest potential through graceful, confident and mindful living.  

Our Offerings

Professional Etiquette

Our goal is for our clients to stand out not stick out. First impressions matter. A flimsy handshake or a quick glance at cell phone while someone is speaking can leave a lasting impression. Learn why the littlest details are important and can make the biggest impact We cover everything from meeting and greeting, working a room, remembering names, the art of small talk to the power of a thank-you. ~

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table manners, campus to corporate and everything in between...

We've been told this program is a game changer for all and we couldn't agree more.  No need to second guess yourself during an important moment. Understanding host/hostess and guest duties, European and Continental styles of dining, navigation of silverware and glassware, napkin etiquette, silent signals to a well trained waitstaff will set you apart from others.  This is how you rise to the occasion! ~

dining skills and manners

New Hire trainings

We skillfully and respectfully teach and train new hires to be the best version of themselves for their personal and professional success which parlays into happy employers and impressed clients. Who doesn't love a win-win? ~

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interviewing skills 

Whether you're new to the workforce or looking to ace an interview at an academic institution, internship or place of employment; the interview is your opportunity to shine. The goal is to arrive, survive and thrive... showcasing YOU beyond your resume.  ~

interviewing skills

Mindfulness Training

Being in the present moment, knowing how to destress, decompress and undo a racing mind is a valuable tool to master.  When Forbes magazine asked some of the most successful and influential people of our time what their secret to success was, overwhelmingly the one practice that showed up on the list was mindfulness.  This came in many forms including meditation, prayer, stillness and gratitude. This practice costs nothing but offers everything...opening up an entire realm from which you can then operate peacefully and successfully. ~

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Don’t reserve your best behavior for special occasions. You can’t have two sets of manners, two social codes—one for those you admire and want to impress, another for those whom you consider unimportant. You must be the same to all people.
— Lillian eichler Watson