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Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.
— author unknown

Our professional/business etiquette and Dining programs cover a range of topics including:

Meeting and Greeting •Name Badges •Proper Introductions•The Name Game•Business Card Etiquette•Handshaking•Eye Contact and Body Language•Networking Savvy•Email Etiquette•The Art of Small Talk•Host/Hostess and Guest Duties•Napkin Etiquette•How to Break Bread•Navigating Silverware & Glassware•Soup Savvy•American and European Styles of Dining•Dining Do’s and Don'ts•The Power of Thank You

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Good Etiquette Practices are Good for Business.

Good etiquette practices pave the way for respectful, courteous environments and positive relationships. Business etiquette is principles driven, practical and profitable. It is simple and universal. Being observant, respectful and mindful in all that you say and do will raise the quality of your professional interactions.

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If You Think First Impressions Don't Matter...

Think Again.

"Studies show that first impressions are made within the first 17 seconds of meeting someone new. Fifty-five percent of that impression is based off of appearance, seven percent is based on the words used and 38 percent is based on tone of voice. This means that before we even get sufficient time to demonstrate our abilities, the first impression is already cast." (Business Magazine, Sept. 2014)

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How Employers Are Using the Dining Interview to Predict Professional Success...

“You learn so much in a meal,” said Carol Smith, the publisher of Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s like a little microcosm of life.”

The dining experience reveals much about the candidate. It speaks volumes about how one treats others such as waitstaff, coworkers and clients. In addition, it showcases one’s ability to make small talk, social savviness when dealing with difficult or awkward situations and ultimately, making others feel comfortable and at ease.